Fidel and Andrea R. Villarreal Elementary

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2019-2020 Villarreal Elementary Staff

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Showing appreciation to our FARVES teachers

Villarreal Elementary administration showed their appreciation by treating the teachers to different treats throughout the week and ending with a delicious BBQ. A special thank you to Mr. Dago Soliz, Mr. Xavier Villarreal and Mr. Omar Saldaña for cooking.
Teachers thank you for your dedication and commitment to our students at Villarreal Elementary!

Formula for Success: The 4 R's

Dr. Cynthia Villarreal visited Villarreal Elementary to give students a presentation on "The Formula for Success: The 4 R's." Students displayed excellent behavior and committed to the 4Rs for success! Thank you Dr. Villarreal!


Villarreal Elementary would like to give special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Amado and Gaby Ramirez & family for their kindness and generosity. They donated Easter baskets for students & N95 masks for students and staff.

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